Why is the creation and processing time one to two weeks?

I make each piece from only silver wire and sheet, so nothing is pre-made or already assembled. Every step of the jewelry making process is done with care from beginning to end for each piece of jewelry that I make, so every piece is one of a kind and made to last.

What materials do you use in your jewelry? How do I care for it once I receive it?

I currently use .925 sterling silver in my pieces, which will tarnish with exposure to moisture and certain chemicals in the air over time. Tarnish is natural and does not harm your jewelry as it is easily removed, but it is recommended to not wear your jewelry while showering, bathing, swimming, applying perfumes, etc. You can prevent tarnish by storing your pieces in a box or an airtight bag with an anti-tarnish tab and remove tarnish by polishing them with a soft cloth (both of which I include in my packaging). 

What if my ring size isn't listed/I'm not sure which size to order?

Not a problem - as all rings are made to order, please just contact me via email at jlasibio@gmail.com and we can chat about sizing.